Friday, 1 April 2011

Granite Coutertops

So with the coming of Baby Knapp, certain things must be put on hold. When bought our house 2 years ago (Mar. 27th was our House-iversary) and made some big changes when we moved in. First, I painted all of the rooms. After living in white walled apartments for so long I was beyond ready for some color :) Next, we replaced our applianced. The ones in the house were old, falling apart and quite frankly, ugly, so we got new stainless appliances for the house. The last thing we did was rip out the 10+ year old carpeting (YUCK!) and got laminate wood flooring put in. We spent so little on the floors and they look amazing! It's one of my favorite parts of the house! Now my least favorite part would have to be the kitchen counters. They're boring old cream-colored Formica countertops..and to boot we have a porcelain sink that no matter how many times I clean it stays stained (Any tips on how to make it whiter?). We wanted to use our tax return this year to have granite put into the kitchen, but now we're saving that money for our most important new addition, Baby Knapp.

Being a little bummed about the lack of granite I decided to do some research and came across Giani Granite Countertop Paint. This looks like a cool product; you basically paint your countertops with it and they look like granite. Has anyone used this product before? I've seen some great before/after pictures, but I'm still not quite sold. I figured it can't look any worse than our current counters, but how good can paint actually look on your counters? I decided to search for giveaways and found one at One Haute Mommy. I'm hoping to win this and give it a try so I can let everyone know how it works. Even if I don't win, it's not terribly expensive and I may just buy it on my own to try it.

So readers, what do you think? Have you seen this product used before or heard great things about it?

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Getting Excited

I'm getting so excited about Baby. I'm still really nervous and worried and I've even taken more tests just to make sure the little line still shows up :) It's silly to worry because whatever is going to happen will happen and I can only hope and pray for happy and healthy nine months. To help ease my worries I have been spending a TON of time researching different products online. I know for sure that I want to breast feed and a few of my best friends swore by Boppy a few years ago as their breast feeding pillow. Recently I've been seeing stuff about a new product called My Brest Friend . This seems like it's a similar, but better product than the Boppy. I've decided this is what I'm going to use for breast feeding and would love to win or get one as a gift (or if neither, I'll purchase one myself). I found a giveaway at Take Time to Smell the Rose for a My Brest Friend Nursing Essentials Pack. This would be a wonderful thing for me to have so I entered the giveaway and hope to win!

Has anyone out there tried My Brest Friend? Any opinions on that vs. Boppy? Any breast feeding must haves or advice?